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Static Tinsel  
Anti-Static Steltin Tinsel garland is a 1-1/4" diameter copper tinsel with a solid copper wire center that can easily be cut to fit your application. The fine copper strands conduct the static charge from the paper, plastic, and cloth materials that pass over or under the tinsel. Easily installs, no electricity required, and relatively inexpensive. Packaged two twelve yard rolls per box.
  1 - 11 boxes     $20.00 ea.  
  1 Case (12 boxes) $168.00 per case  
  2 Cases (24 boxes)   151.00   
  3 Cases (36 boxes)


Statikil is the original anti-static formulation, developed especially for printers and processors of paper, plastic, and textile products. The formula is full strength for maximum effectiveness, yet non-rusting and harmless to material, machinery, or plates.

Apply Staikil wherever static electricity is generated by friction or low humidity. Spray it on your press, folder, collator, etc. to reduce mis-feeding. Use it in the computer, pre-press, and data processing areas to prevent static build-up on floors, chairs, equipment cases, CRT terminals, etc. Spray it on carpeting and clothing to guard against data loss and other static related problems. Use it on delivery tapes, fly sticks, feed boards, rollers, conveyors, and drive belts. Simple and economical to use.

11¼ oz. can 1 - 11     $6.50 ea.  
  12 - 71 5.75  
  72+ 5.00  
Graphic Arts Equipment Co offers several methods and devices for the control and elimination of static electricity. We'll be glad to analyze your specific needs and recommend the method best suited to solve your problem.



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